Monday, January 24, 2011

Why can local authorities keep the proceeds of their crimes?

If any other organisation, from the Inland Revenue to a high street bank, takes your money and then finds that it has done so by error, it repays the money. Not so local authorities - particularly when it comes to traffic offences.

Here - a typical example of a common problem -
Westminster have made a mistake as to their own traffic regulations, have put up misleading signs, have caught and fined motorists, have been told that they were wrong, have admitted that they were wrong, but will keep the money.

I think that this is disgraceful. Theft in fact. Why does a respectable council do this, and why do the government prevent (through their restrictions on the Local Government Ombudsman)prevent us from stopping them?


Blogger Dave H said...

Isn't that an invitation for someone to put in a court claim to recover their money + costs?

7:34 pm  

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