Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - a cautionary tale

I have managed to make an idiot of myself by booking a flight through

This, if you find it, is a brief review of my experiences which may, at least, help you avoid the pits that I fell into. add, without making it obvious enough for me to have noticed, a service fee to your bill. Mine was more than 20% of the cost of the flight also charge a fee for using a credit card - 7.5% for Mastercard - which seems unlikely to be the actual cost that they have to pay themselves

I was sure that I had deleted their travel insurance, but it resurfaced on my bill

Well, in my defence, this was after a good party and I was not being as careful as I might.

When, if, you get to the point of complaining or asking for help, they do not answer emails, and offer only a vastly expensive premium rate number.

All in all, however high are in the Google rankings, I'll never be using them again


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