Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Constitutional reform

Rasputin's continued elevation in the cabinet, and the appearance of ever greater numbers of ministers in the House of Lords, prompts a suggestion for reform.

Why not move the seat of government entirely to the Lords?

We'd elect MPs, as now. They'd choose the PM, as now. But the PM would then receive an immediate earldom and move up to the Lords, forming his ministerial team there.

This would achieve the separation of the legislature and the executive that so many are talking about, leaving the Commons as a true legislature, holding the government to account and controlling the finances - and with no legislation at all required to achieve it (though doubtless Lords reform would follow swiftly).


Blogger Alfred the Ordinary said...

The problem, surely, is a very weak House of Commons that entertains rather than holds the Government of the day to account. I would have little objection to a government choosing whoever it wanted on its team, if it were held properly to account and was not allowed to rush through ill thought out legislation by MPs who understood what their job really is.

The government could then appoint any number of rogues and villains and people who had to resign twice for corrupt practices because they wouldn't be all powerful and would be held properly to account.

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