Friday, December 01, 2006

Bailffs Bill

Well, our proposals for regulating bailiffs are published at last - the Bailiffs (Licencing) Bill, see link from the title. And to a good reception: when we discussed the Tribunals bill the next day the minister said:

"The noble Lord, Lord Lucas, has very helpfully brought forward his Bill. I had the privilege of talking to him very briefly about that and we will continue the dialogue." - as helpful as ministerial language gets, and

"I will listen to whether noble Lords feel that the Bill adequately deals with the issues raised about the enforcement regime, not only in your Lordships' House but by other organisations. In discussion with noble Lords, I will be looking at whether there are further steps we might consider. I can say no more at this point, but I am open to doing so; as noble Lords have indicated, it is a very important aspect of the Bill, which we will need to consider with great care."

for my speech, see here:


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