Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Faith schools - the fog of war

Lots of smoke being made by the Roman Catholic church over the government's proposals for new faith schools to admit 25% of other creeds or none. Mostly, I feel, to hide the fact that they will not address the real issues:

- are RC schools divisive? Saying that RCs have within themselves a wide variety of racial origins and economic status is not an answer.

- why should paying 10% of the cost give them total control over admissions?

- either allowing the irreligious in is a disaster - and then why do they allow this in so many RC schools - or it's OK - and why are they so upset about making this the rule for new schools?


Blogger Winchester whisperer said...

I think it's fine and a good idea for faith schools to admit children who do not follow that faith. After all, it gives the schools a good chance to convert those children. Presumably they have to attend assembly and RE classes? The problem is if they admit staff from other faiths. In that case, 75% of the parents are not getting what they want from 100% of the staff.

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