Friday, October 06, 2006

The Guardian tells a lie

The Guardian does not often tell a deliberate lie on its front page - that's why I read it in preference to more right-wing rags. I remember one - a story about US pollution illustrated by a factory chimney belching black smoke - except that it was, in reality, condensing steam against a dawn sky. Today - and probably for the same reason of wanting to sell newspapers - they lie again.

"Take off the veil, says Straw" shouts the headline. He said nothing of the sort - as well they know, as they print the truth later on (and I am glad to see that their website sees no need to lie).

I line up alongside Jack Straw on this one. People should within reason be free to wear what they want, but they should understand the effect that their decision has on others. None of us feel comfortable having a one-way conversation, whether it's the veil, dark glasses or 'my webcam's broken'. The "Muslim anger" seems to be mostly rent-an-extremist - blame the media and this government's preference for 'people who can deliver' for their prominence.


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