Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Please send us bailiff stories

Very encouraging meeting of the London Motorists Action Group - LMAG - yesterday. If you've had a brush with a bailiff, log on to www.lmag.org.uk and tell us about it - evidence is piling up, and the police, OFT and the courts all showing strong interest.

More importantly, if you're about to have a brush with a bailiff, log on and gather one of LMAG's garlic necklaces - abuses by bailiffs (often just uncertified people claimimg to be bailiffs) are so widespread that, if you know the rules, you may well be able to catch them out and send them packing (or at least take a chunk off the bill).


Anonymous Fiona Howarth said...

I will post this on my blog too and get people to send their stories of encounters with bailiffs to LMA.

4:20 pm  

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